Monday, August 31, 2009

3:50 am

Awake at three-fifty in the morning, thinking, 'you've started a blog as people who seem to be hip to how writers get noticed these days suggested and then it has just sat.' The problem is, or perhaps challenge is the more appropriate word, the challenge is, how to get people to read it. We mess around some. We are on Facebook and follow the link there. There is also a place to put in email addresses of those we would like to invite to read this. I can't figure out how to import them. At any rate, I have decided, for today anyway, to keep it up. And pursue the whole "connectivity" as I go.

Just started reading How Fiction Works by James Wood.

And now it's time to try to sleep. We'll read some more of Road Dogs, Elmore Leonard's most recent popcorn. I love it. Although, further reading of Baudolino is more likely to get my eyes to close.

More to follow, Gentle Reader.